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About Us

Digital Analytics is a white labeled advertising agency with a focus on your clients end goals. Our commitment to success is based on our ability to generate transparent actions and goals for our partners and their clients. We simplify the confusing ever changing world of digital advertising. No games, just transparent easy to understand results.

With a full suite of digital, video, billboards, social media and audio solutions to help maximize your clients campaigns, Digital Analytics positions itself as a single source agency and platform for your digital marketing needs.

Our job is designed to make your job easier. Delivering results that matter to you and your clients’ in a way that is simple and straightforward to understand



What makes us who we are and why?

With access to multiple platforms, DSP’s and more our teams exceptional experience allows us to place your clients marketing budget into the best platforms and products to generate to tier results for you to communicate back to your client. Our ability to be platform agnostic allows for your clients to have access to the best of the best offereded inside of the multiple different platforms that we use. 

What Our Clients Say

Professional team of digital marketers. Generated custom solution for my business and provided following support. Very happy to launch several landing pages + email campaign integration. Highly recommended!
Following painful experiences with several other agencies, we were pleasantly surprised by the work and quick results this team has generated for our company. I have always said that if we have a big return on our investment, we increase our budgets. Then that's exactly what we did after only 1 month with DAP! Bravo! Our overall satisfaction and belief from our team in the success that DAP delivered is outstanding
Excellent team, very professional. Easy to work with, very resourceful and an overall pleasure to deal with. They also have a lot of patience and really listen to the customer. Extremely personable team, polite and always to the point. They don't waste your time.
David H.
Jason and his team from DAP came to see us at our offices to help our internal group better understand how to position digital to our clients while showing us a way to still prove value in our core product. They prepared an excellent in-depth presentation and highlighted the areas that we can have success with and backed this up with on going trainings. Their recommendations were very clear and on point. We were very satisfied with the consultation. Thank you guys!
Pricilia Downing - Viamedica

Have a company in mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together. We will work with you from pre-sale to post sale and all the step in-between to make the process simple and easy for both your agency and your end client. Contact us today to see how simple it is to get professional, knowledgeable digital specialists on your side.

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How do we do this?

We make the process simple from the beginning. With off the charts experience analyzing Google Analytics, Tag Manager and more. We take the guessing game and frankly the work off of your hands into ours.