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Political Advertising

Multiple Political Advertising Services

Running OTT/CTV

Video ads target consumers through web browsers, mobile applications, and their home TV screen. Learn more

Display Advertising

Display ads will reach voters through branded banner ads that appear on websites and mobile applications within the designated target market.

Pre/Post Roll Video

Target individuals on web browsers pre and post videos as they watch content on websites, such as local news clips.

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards and Gas Station TVs (GSTV) target consumers as they are out in your specific market, driving awareness for your candidacy and positions.

Paid Social Media

Faceobook and Instagram are two popular social media tools within the political marketing environment, providing the opportunity to target potential voters who do not follow your social media pages on these platforms.

Targeted Email

Our targeted email marketing campaign uses a database of emails to target individuals in your market based on demographics and behaviors. This strategy is tremendous in introducing your brand and campaign to new voters or pushing out relevant information information to potential supporters.

Streaming Audio

Podcast and Streaming Audio ads provide additional platforms to target and reach potential voters and drive further awareness around your candidacy and positions. These ads are delivered on several audio platforms including Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Tunein, and more.

Paid Search

Drive and protect your candidacy's brand and name recognition. A primary reason to use Google AdWords during a political run is to protect your name and appear above potential competitor ads and appear for key issues voters are searching for.

Why Brand Yourself?

With political races becoming more and more crowded, it is paramount for voters to build recognition, trustworthiness, and loyalty with candidates prior to stepping into the voting booth.

Branding yourself not only provides an opportunity to put a face to the name, but it provides the opportunity to present your positions to gain additional supporters.

The experience working with DAP has been fantastic. We always want to ensure we get plenty of value from any vendor that we work with, and in that regard Digital Analytics Pro really excels. With our latest project, we received top-quality work, enjoyed working with a really responsive team, and when we threw curve balls or suggested unique functionality, they quickly went to work to make it a reality.
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Targeting Options for your Candidacy