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Cannabis Capabilities

Cannabis and Digital Analytics Pro

Advertising Cannabis Isn‘t Easy. Having the right partner will make it less challenging.

Creative guidelines are ever changing and are crucial to follow in their entirety to get campaigns to serve ads. Our team is here to help navigate through the regulations and assist with creative design to ensure that ads meet policy requirements based on the audience we are targeting.

Seamless Placements

Exchanges that accept Cannabis ads change almost daily. By using a combination of 10+ DSPs and platforms, partnering with Digital Analytics for your cannabis solutions ensures that campaigns are managed to these fluid cannabis guidelines and placed across exchanges that will allow maximum delivery.
The ability to target users at the household level based on their demographics, HHI, interests, etc.
The ability to target users when they visit a certain location as well as retarget the users after they leave that location for up to 30 days after.
This tactic requires the placement of a pixel and retargets users after they have visited your website.

Target users based on the types of sites they are visiting and their online behaviors.

Target users after they search for a particular keyword or visit sites with those keywords as the subject.
Target users based on their demos as well as online and offline behaviors.

What is needed to run a cannabis campaign?

Before starting a cannabis order, the first thing that is going to be required is a URL for the brand*. With Cannabis, regulations change daily and vary from state to state. Obtaining the URL for the brand will be first step in seeing what can and can’t run based on geography, and is the first step in creating a cannabis marketing plan. Creatives or creative design

Look Back Targeting

Identify people who have been in locations up to 180 days in the past, capturing device IDs to market to them across the display network based on being in a certain location.

Email Targeting

Mainly suited for ecommerce clients, the ability to run email based campaigns to users who have previously interacted with your website in “drip” format.  Promote behaviors such as bringing abandoned cart visitors back to the site, promote new sales to returning customers & more. 

Private Marketplace Buys

Market to users who are browsing content across the display network that aligns with, or is contextually based on Cannabis advertising. This competitive and guaranteed placement option assures ads to display on specific websites.

Behavioral Based Targeting

Targeting users based on their online and offline behaviors and things they have shown interest or intent in based on purchase behavior, search behavior, and other factors such as Nielson level and credit level data.

Geo Lift-Physical Store Foot Traffic Attribution or Walk-Ins

Ability to report back on the geo-lift of your physical location based on users who have entered that location from locations within the campaign. We do this by looking at the foot traffic coming to your store naturally and through campaign traffic to analyze lift in physical traffic to your storefront.

Conversions & Website Activity

Through using Google Analytics, we have the ability to measure leads and the lift in site traffic as well as other key metrics like on site sales, conversion activity, new users, assisted conversions  & more. 

Phone Calls

Through call tracking numbers on banner ads, and through tracking phone number click to call activity on your website, we have the ability to gather caller information lead data as well as record the calls for sales analyzation. This lead information is shared back to be able to upload into CRM systems, etc.

Additional cannabis targeting opportunities

Facebook cannabis campaigns are approved on a case-by-case basis.  

Advertising Cannabis Isn‘t Easy. Having the right partner will make it less challenging.

  1. Promotion of products derived from cannabidiol, or “CBD,” a non-intoxicating compound derived from cannabis plants. 

  2. Posts, pages, and non-advertising content for cannabis seeds, bongs, rolling papers, vaporizers, and accessories found in legal smoke shops (“head shops”).
  3. Information about cannabis’s scientific effects on the body.

  4. We Track offline or “last mile” conversions to measure your campaign’s effectiveness

  5. You cannot promote the sale or use of cannabis (whether for medical or recreational use).